Best Practices After a Burglary


There is nothing scarier than having your home or office burglarized. Burglaries happen each day, but there are ways to prevent them from occurring in the future. If a burglar was able to bypass your alarm or security system, you’re going to have to improve the overall level of security in your home or office. Although you cannot fully guarantee that burglaries won’t occur, you can at least


take as much precaution as possible. Here are a few helpful tips on how you can significantly reduce the chances of a burglar choosing your home or office as their next target.


● Increase the Security – There are plenty of home and office security systems to choose from. Offices generally have high tech security systems that could run into the high thousands. Your home is a bit more simple, and you might just need a CCTV camera or a brand new alarm system. A professional locksmith will help you decide what’s best for your home.


● Lock Your Doors and Windows – This sounds fairly obvious, but a lot of people neglect to lock their doors and windows, until it’s too late. If you’re a new homeowner, you might want to consider rekeying the old locks in the house. Burglars pay attention to unlocked doors, and alarm systems attached to windows. A good option would be to add a motion-sensor alarm to your windows. It can be very sensitive, and easily triggered.


● Be Careful Who You Trust – An easy way to prevent burglaries inside your home is be careful who you talk to. Don’t let people you aren’t familiar with know that you’re leaving town for the weekend. Word gets around very quickly, and the last thing you need is for it to travel into the ears of a burglar. Burglars look for homes that are unattended to for certain periods of time. It’s always advisable to let a trusted friend or family member stay over your place until you return.


● Keep Valuables Safely Locked – If you have expensive valuables, such as jewellery, you might want to consider investing in a good quality home safe. There are many different models of home safes, but it’s best to let a professional locksmith help you with this. They will also be able to install the safe in your home or office.  We are Glad to Help!


At Available Locksmith, our aim is to reduce the amount of home and office burglaries. Our technology and equipment are built to keep the burglars out. Our friendly and reliable technicians will help you choose a security system that’s right for your home or office, and install it. Please call us for a free estimate and quote. You can’t afford to take any risks when it comes to your safety!





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