What is the best lock that will protect your home? There are several different types of door locks from which to choose. Which one of these options could be right for you?


Passage locks - These door locks are used within the home for doors. They generally have two knobs or levers that do not have a locking mechanism.


Privacy locks - These locks are also generally for the interior of a home, like a bedroom or a bathroom. They can be knobs or levers and will have a locking button on the inside. There won't be a key on the outside, but the lock can be opened with a small object to turn the mechanism.


Dummy locks - These are for decoration only and do not use a latch.


Entry locks - A door with entry locks can be locked from the inside and outside. Keys are generally used for at least one of these locks.


Deadbolt locks - This lock can be installed in single and double cylinder models. The deadbolt locks the door to the frame to make it difficult to pry open.


Mortise locks - A box that is flat and rectangular contains this lock, which fits into a recess in the door. It has a pin tumbler within the cylinder and includes a deadbolt. Keys control the entire lock from the outside, while the option to use either the latch or deadbolt can be made from the inside.


Many handle locks can be installed by a homeowner with a few tools and a little bit of time. Door locks for the home that provide security, however, are a critical part of that structure's safety. A professional locksmith can install the lock with fast, prompt, and professional service.




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