What Are the Different Types of Door Locks?

What is the best lock that will protect your home? There are several different types of door locks from which to choose. Which one of these options would be right for you?


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When To Change Your Apartment Locks And The Cost

Your apartment door lock plays a major role in security because it controls entries and hence it helps to keep intruders away from your home.


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 Why Deadbolt Your Door

Any Locksmith will tell you it is extremely important to deadbolt your front door. The first reason is that by dead bolting your door you make it a hundred times harder for an intruder to enter.


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Open Sesame:The best smart locks

Smart locks that supplement or replace your front door deadbolt do much more than lock and unlock your door without a key. Most smart locks (and all of the locks on our top picks list) let you receive alerts and track who's entering and leaving your abode; email limited-access digital "keys" to visitors, children, trusted service workers or guests when you're not home; and remotely lock and unlock when you're away from home.


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Best Practices After a Burglar

There is nothing scarier than having your home or office burglarized. Burglaries happen each day, but there are ways to prevent them from occurring in the future. If a burglar was able to bypass your alarm or security system, you’re going to have to improve the overall level of security in your home or office.


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