A keypad door lock is a great option when thinking of replacing a traditional door lock. More and more residential homes are using keypad locks, even as much as commercial locations.


  • It has become a favorite because of its many benefits. Some of the best benefits of using keypad lock include:


  • Improved home security.  Keypad locks utilize incorporated advanced technology, making it impossible for burglars to intrude and break into a home. Home and commercial property owners no longer have to worry about illegal break-ins. The only people who can enter their property are those who have knowledge of a certain access code.


  • No keys needed. Keyless keypad locks are very different from the common door locking techniques. They work like a bank machine. You only need to punch the secret access code on the keypad in order to lock or unlock your doors. Through this practice, there is no need to think about stolen or lost keys, let alone trying to remember where you have placed them every now and then.


  • Simple and durable. Keypad locks are made with durability in mind. You can count on it and take advantage of its longevity. Aside from being durable, keypad locks are also easy to install and use, making them a top choice for many homeowners who are looking for simple yet reliable home security tools.


  • Customizable access codes. You can choose an access code of your preference and change the combination easily as often as you like.



There is a wide variety of designs you can see in the market when speaking of keypad locks. Just make sure you are dealing with a good brand from a good provider to ensure its reliability and longevity. Now, if you are looking for high quality and a wide variety of keypad lock brands and designs, Golden Locksmith is the place to be.





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